Ivinson Memorial Hospital   |   Ivinson Memorial Hospital needed a new look to convey their quality of care and commitment to patients. Key attributes included: patient-centered care, community-focused, caring people, convenient/local, medical excellence, and respected. With messaging copy provided by Linden, I developed two different designs that reflect those attributes.

Materials designed: logo, newsletter, ads, billboard, banners, 7x10 brochure, 4x9 brochure

Agency partner:  Linden   |   www.golinden.com

Design Option 1   |   With an emphasis on quality of care, this design uses images of Ivinson doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers along with the headline, “I know healthcare, and I choose Ivinson.” Drawings of the hospital buildings and Laramie landmarks help connect the hospital to its locale. Other elements that help unite the look are the warm background, white margins, a textured background and ghosted logo option.