I'm Launie Parry, the owner of Red Letter Creative (I'm also the art director, designer, bookkeeper, and receptionist).

I've been designing for a living since 1985, after graduating from Colorado State. I got my first job at a small advertising agency in Lubbock, Texas, doing ads for the local mall, Furr's Cafeterias, and lots of local restaurants. A couple years later, I moved back to Fort Collins to work in the design department at Citizen Printing. I learned a lot about print production, and meeting deadlines, and I still miss the smell of ink and press wash.

I moved on to Linden Press, in 1996, as a founding partner. For the next 12 years I served as art director and lead designer, doing work for a wide variety of clients and earning several design awards.

I started Red Letter Creative in 2008 and have been enjoying life as a freelancer ever since. I have amazing clients with exciting projects, I get to work in an adorable little house in old town, and my dog, Maisie, walks to work with me every day. 



Most design projects are unique, so I generally provide estimates for new clients. If you'd like an estimate, please contact me with details about your project and I'll get back to you right away. 

HOURLY RATE: $100.00

I do offer flat rates for certain types of projects. Here's some starting prices for those projects:

Starting at $500.00 for a minimum of 5 design options

Starting at $500.00 for cover design and $7.50 per page for interior design and layout

Starting at $675.00 for home page and one interior page design

Starting at $1,000.00 for one design option with up to 5 items (logo, website, brochure, ad, stationery, pocket folder, etc.)